Kinana Films is presenting two projects at Malmö Industry Days 2023

The Malmö Arab Film Festival (MAFF) has announced the selection of 13 film projects from 14 countries to participate in its annual grant program, Malmö Industry Days (MID), which takes place during the 13th edition of MAFF from April 28th to May 4th. Among the selected projects are two films that will be presented by Swedish producer Basel Mawlawi as a co-producer.

The selected projects were chosen from a pool of 39 submissions representing 19 countries and will compete across three categories: short films in development, feature fiction films in development, and feature documentaries in development. The MID grant program aims to support exceptional films and promote Swedish-Arab co-productions.

The first film, “Asghar,” is a feature fiction film project in development with Arab producer Hossam Elouan and director Hanaa Saleh Alfassi. The film will represent Saudi Arabia, the Netherlands, and Sweden.

The second film, “Solo,” is a feature documentary project in development with Arab producer and director Amine Boukhris. The film is a Tunisian-Swedish co-production.

Basel Mawlawi will be the Swedish co-producer of the production of these films. His extensive experience in the film industry and his commitment to promoting Swedish-Arab co-productions make him an ideal collaborator for these projects.

Malmö Industry Days (MID) grant program aims to support exceptional films and promote Swedish-Arab co-productions. 

The selection of “Asghar” and “Solo” at MID is a significant achievement for the respective filmmakers, producers, and production teams. This selection provides an opportunity to secure financial support and build partnerships with key players in the film industry. It is also a testament to the quality and potential of these projects, and we look forward to their future success.