Basel Mawlawi is selected for the EAVE Producers Workshop 2021

  • October 11, 2021

Film producer Basel Mawlawi is participating in the EAVE Producers Workshop 2021 with focus on his upcoming feature documentary called Yalla Parkour.

This year 52 producers from 37 countries have been selected out of 220 applications from 52 countries.

As EAVE Head of Studies Lise Lense Møller puts it: “We … look for very different profiles… (and) do not choose participants based solely on merits or quality of project. We actively look for diversity – not just in terms of the usual: gender, age, race, nationality etc. – but also in terms of points of view, experience, focus (e.g on format or genre), company set-up etc. It is our opinion, that the more diverse the group we put together is in any given year, the richer the experience for the participants.”

Film producer Basel Mawlawi is selected for the EAVE Producers Workshop 2021.

Biography: Basel Mawlawi

Basel Mawlawi is the founder of Kinana Films, producer, and a production manager. He was born and raised in Syria, however, he got professional education in filmmaking from the UK and Australia. He has been working as a producer for more than 8 years and several documentaries and short films are on his credit. His short film Patchwork House also premiered at the 2013 Cannes Film Festival in the short film corner. While Yalla Parkour is the latest addition to his portfolio that was pitched at the Malmo Arab Film festival.

More about Kinana Films

It is a film production company established in 2018 and growing fast in Sweden and based in Malmö. Shortly it has become one of the trusted film production companies in Sweden and Malmö because of the professional team led by producer Basel Mawlawi, and their dedication to the work. They produce strong content with amazing storytelling techniques. Also, the company provides many services like documentary films, TV commercials, post-production, and production facilitation, etc. So, the participation of Kinana Films at the Malmo Arab Film Festival is a milestone from various aspects. Yet, we should know about this festival to further guess its importance.

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