With a vast portfolio of impeccable video production services, Kinana Films AB defines itself as a versatile film production company. We worked with various world-renowned clients and have successfully overseen film production projects, documentary movies as well as some popular corporate. videos and news stories.

Mediterranean Gas | Short Documentary2021-05-04T15:30:54+02:00
Mediterranean Gas | Short Documentary2021-02-11T17:27:18+02:00
Mediterranean Gas | Short Documentary
Graffiti | Short Film2020-09-26T11:59:10+02:00
Graffiti Poster
The Barber | Short Film2020-09-28T13:33:11+02:00
The Barber Poster
Oversized Coat | Feature Film2020-09-26T11:55:25+02:00
feature film oversized coat director Nawras abu Saleh
Patchwork House | Short Film2020-09-26T11:55:06+02:00
Patchwork house poster
Yellow Vests | Documentary2020-09-26T11:59:40+02:00
Yellow Vests protest France alaraby tv documentary
Moghtaribon, Henry Diab | Documentary2020-09-26T11:59:57+02:00
Henry Diab aljazeera documentary