Awesome participation at the Malmö Arab Film Festival & Market Forum 2021

  • October 11, 2021

Last week, The Malmo Arab Film Festival was held in Sweden, and Kinana Films led by producer Basel Mawlawi also participated in it. Their upcoming documentary film Yalla Parkour got selected to be pitched at the festival market. Though Kinana Films could not win the competition, it was a great achievement for an introduced company in Sweden and Malmö to take part in the festival. Let’s explore further about Kinana Films as well as their documentary Yalla Parkour.

Film Producer Basel Mawlawi representing Kinana Films has been participating at the 10th edition of the Malmö Arab Film Festival.

About Kinana Films Company

It is a film production company established in 2018 and growing fast in Sweden and based in Malmö. Shortly it has become one of the trusted film production companies in Sweden and Malmö because of the professional team led by producer Basel Mawlawi, and their dedication to the work. They produce strong content with amazing storytelling techniques. Also, the company provides many services like documentary films, TV commercials, post-production, and production facilitation, etc. So, the participation of Kinana Films at the Malmo Arab Film Festival is a milestone from various aspects. Yet, we should know about this festival to further guess its importance.

Malmo Arab Film Festival

It is an Arab Film festival based in Malmö, Sweden, started in 2011 by Mr Mouhamad Keblawi, and filmmakers considering it as the most influential, and largest Arabic film festival in Europe and a primary destination for Arab Filmmakers in Europe and the Middle East. So, participation in this festival by Producer Basel Mawlawi can be regarded as high.

How Kinana Films participated in MAFF?

An upcoming documentary film Yalla Parkour is directed by Areeb Zuaiter and produced by Basel Mawlawi. This 90 minutes documentary film is related to Gaza, Palestine, and their freedom efforts. Eventually, this film secured a spot in the Malmo Arab Film Festival for Development Documentary Competition.

At the festival, on the first day, all participants were invited and welcomed by Muhammad Keblawi, the head of the festival. While on the second day, the Film Market Forum started, and Producer Basel Mawlawi pitched their upcoming film Yalla Parkour. On the final day, a networking session was also held with the filmmakers from all over Europe and Arab countries.

About Yalla Parkour

Yalla Parkour film is about the journey of parkour athletes growing through adolescence while struggling to pursue freedom in a world of confinement. It tells a story about the four guys Abdullah, Jihad, Mohammed, and Ahmed who are inseparable Gazan millennials. They united by their perseverance and passion for the parkour. But, they faced many difficulties in pursuing their dreams. Jihad could not pursue Parkour because his dream was overpowered by his family obligations. While Abdullah’s dream was halted due to earning a degree to make a living. Similarly, a determined injury refrained Mohammed. Yet, Ahmed continues his struggle and achieves the Gazan Dream despite facing many failures to get a visa. Finally, Ahmed completes his journey to pursue his career in Sweden.

Producer Basel Mawlawi

Basel Mawlawi is the founder of Kinana Films, producer, and a production manager. He was born and raised in Syria, however, he got professional education in filmmaking from the UK and Australia. He has been working as a producer for more than 8 years and several documentaries and short films are on his credit. His short film Patchwork House also premiered at the 2013 Cannes Film Festival in the short film corner. While Yalla Parkour is the latest addition to his portfolio that was pitched at the Malmo Arab Film festival.

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