Production begins for ”Ten years from now”.

  • March 22, 2022

“Ten Years from Now,” a short film written by visionary director Basem Nabhan, is a penetrating portrayal of the pain and suffering endured by immigrants fleeing their war-torn country. This moving tale in docudrama style evokes powerful feelings while it seeks to lay aside the myths and stereotypes surrounding mental wellness. Nabhan, known for his work at Al Jazeera and the Vice Network, takes a hard look at the deep psychological wounds immigrants can carry as they try to settle into their new lives. Viewers will be glued to the screen as they watch this riveting depiction of the real-time struggle for peace from PTSD.

“Ten Years from Now” allows us to see the real people in desperate need of mental and emotional support. “Ten Years from Now” delves into the feelings of isolation, abandonment, anger, fear, and resentment. The piece pulls back the layers to show how many immigrants suffer silently from this affliction as they work to fit into their new homeland.

Through a collaboration with Film i Vast, Film I Skåne, and Sveriges Television, this important and timely work will begin filming in March 2022. With support from Svenska Filminstitutet, Filmcentrum Syd, the authentic refugee experience from the eyes of insiders will soon hit the screen.

The story of ”Ten years from now”

Rami is a determined young man who has convinced himself that everything is normal with his life in Sweden. But soon, the pressure of life upended become unbearable, the haunting ghosts from his past inescapable. Slowly, the monster he has been running away from breaks through.

Director Basem Nabhan

Basem Nabhan is a Syrian-Swedish director and editor currently based in Gothenburg, Sweden. He directed and edited multiple short documentaries, creative films, and music videos, most of which were within the fields of cultural integration and social development and several other commercial projects. He lived and worked in Dubai, Istanbul, and Cairo before moving back to Sweden in 2015. He continued working on short docs, social media, and online content and working in camera and lighting departments for feature film productions.

Producer Basel Mawlawi

Basel Mawlawi is a producer and the founder of Kinana Films AB which is based in Sweden. He has received his Bachelor of Arts from Middlesex University in the UK and a Professional Diploma in Film Production from SAE Institute. Basel started his career as a production manager and line producer. His work is mainly focused on nonfiction storytelling and short narratives. Up to this point, he worked on several documentaries and more than ten shorts. He is passionate about collaborating with filmmakers and writers creatively to tell stories that matter and that can create a difference. Basel has participated in renowned producer-specific labs including DFI’s Producers Lab, EAVE, and Young Nordic Producers in Cannes.

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